Momocon 2017 Quick Review

Type: Gaming, Anime

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Rating: 7/10
Normies vs Con Attendees:
Varied costumes:
Photoshoot Areas:
Things To Do:
Places to Eat:
Varied Artist Alley:
Varied Dealer’s Room:

Quick summary: Momocon this year seemed like a much better atmosphere than last year. While I did get sick Saturday night and Sunday, I had a ton of fun. I had groups planned, went to photoshoots and meetups, helped Blake with shoots, and hung out in people’s rooms! I think we’ve probably finally solidified our group of con friends and it was so fun hanging out with them ❤️❤️

Dealer’s Room: The dealers room seemed smaller than usual. There were a lot of dealers that I did not see that I usually see, and there were way too many Fidget Spinner dealers! There was a snack dealer with mochi though!

Artist’s Alley: I enjoyed the variety in Artist’s Alley. There were all different types of art styles and it wasn’t overwhelmed with trinkets. I actually bought a lot from Artist’s Alley and liked looking!

Panels: I did not attend any panels, as they either happened too late, too early, or weren’t interesting to me.

Crowd: The crowd felt so so so much better this year! People were smiling and laughing and friendly! I only heard older mother’s complaining about people not following dress code, but otherwise all the conversations I heard were good! I actually talked to new people!